With a legacy of 18 years, Petsgallery stands strong in the pet industry with a family of 9,000 pet parents.
When pet awareness was absent in the society, founder Kshama V. Wagh entered the market with a view to impart education regarding pets and the care they should be crowned with. Handling the soft issues incredibly, Petsgallery earned its position in the market and became one of the pioneers of the industry.
With just 4 brands of food, Petsgallery has achieved to serve more than 500 products in pet food, accessories and grooming areas.
Free home deliveries coupled with timeliness makes Petsgallery easily reachable and the most preferred brand across the Pune district.
We aim to serve all the pet parents with all the pet essentials and things to pamper and assure to be with them through this beautiful journey of parenting!